Matt Maher on location in Nashville TN

Matt Maher

UPDATE: Matt’s new album, Saints and Sinners, will be available on March 17th and is available now for PREORDER.

“Every Saint has a past, and every sinner as a future.” -Oscar Wilde

Sometimes in order to move forward, you have to look back and remember where you’ve been. It was in that spirit that Matt Maher birthed his latest album, Saints and Sinners (Essential/Sony). The garage-turned-studio behind Maher’s home became a haven of reflection as he tirelessly transformed it into a creative songwriting space. “Every day, I’d go out there and dream a bit and ask, ‘God, what do you want to build here?’” Maher recalls.

MattMaher_AllThePeople_webThis record is a musical collage. I think most of our lives look like that, this jumble of a bunch of different stuff,” Maher offers. “Hopefully, when you take a step back, you realize something that might seem a little chaotic closeup, farther away, actually is a work of art that God’s slowly creating. These songs are created out of living as a community of faith firsthand, and it’s my desire to remind listeners that we are all His work of art.

All The People Said Amen showcases Maher’s storied career thus far. The songs read more like chapters in his auto-biography than a typical album track listing. Produced by Paul Moak (Third Day, Mat Kearney) and Maher, the album breaks the barriers a studio can provide and allows fans to see Maher as not only the gifted songwriter they have come to cherish but also a fervent worship leader and skilled teacher. Maher’s theology is as solid as his
songwriting, his heart as pure as his melodies.

The album introduces four new studio recordings, including the title track and the powerful closer “Mighty Fortress.” All of the songs carry messages Maher wants listeners to be able to champion. “I think it’s great for the life of a song if different movements or people can get behind the song and help push it along,” says Maher. For this project, in particular, he explains, “I tried to identify themes within the story of Christianity that are worth saying, ‘amen.’”

To read more about Matt Maher, and his latest release, All the People Say Amen, please visit his official website.