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Amy Grant, Matt Maher, Sanctus Real, Ike Ndolo, and Jon Guerra will all be performing at Eastern Michigan Convocation Center on April, 19, 2015.

 “Let us then pursue what leads to peace and building up one another.”  – Romans 14:19


Amy Grant

There’s nothing like life experience to provide a deeper, richer emotional palette for a songwriter to draw from when crafting new music. For Amy Grant, it’s been 10 years since her last full studio album and it’s been a decade marked by soul-shaking milestones. As she’s always done, Grant has embraced both the triumphs and challenges, distilled them to their essence and poured the lessons learned into songs that ache with honesty and reverberate with gentle wisdom.

How Mercy Looks From Here is the soundtrack of a life well-lived. “A lot of major life changes happened during these past few years.” Grant says. “So on this record, there’s zero filler. Every song has a real story behind it.”

In telling those stories, Grant recruited an impressive array of friends and heroes, including James Taylor, Carole King, Sheryl Crow, Vince Gill, Eric Paslay, and Will Hoge. Working with producer Marshall Altman (Natasha Bedingfield, Matt Nathanson), Grant has delivered a vibrant collection of songs that are entertaining and substantive, and it wasn’t by accident. Inspired by a conversation with her ailing mother, Grant approached this album as a woman on a mission.

“A conversation I had with my mother a couple of months before she died helped set the direction for this record,” says Grant, whose mother passed away in April 2011. “Mom had a lifelong curiosity that kept her young at heart even when her mind was failing. One night, when I stopped by to visit her on my way to my bus to drive to a concert, she was surprised to discover that I was a singer ‘Oh you sing?’ she asked. I said, ‘Yes ma’am. I sing,’ She asked, ‘What kind of songs do you sing?’ I was explaining what I sang to her and she asked if she could get on the bus and go with me. She was frail and clearly wearing out and I said, ‘Not this time.’ She said, ‘Well if I can’t go, do me a favor. When you get on stage, sing something that matters.’”

That simple, profound bit of advice took root and became Grant’s mantra for this new record. “My plan is to dedicate this record to my mom,” she says. “And that’s how I describe it, it’s not all serious. It’s not all silly. It’s just things that matter.”

(Excerpt taken from Amy Grant’s Career Bio.)

Read more about Amy Grant’s career as well as her new song benefiting Cancer Research , “Welcome Yourself,”, on her official website.



Matt Maher

UPDATE: Matt’s new album, Saints and Sinners, will be available on March 17th and is available now for PREORDER.

“Every Saint has a past, and every sinner as a future.” -Oscar Wilde

Sometimes in order to move forward, you have to look back and remember where you’ve been. It was in that spirit that Matt Maher birthed his latest album, Saints and Sinners (Essential/Sony). The garage-turned-studio behind Maher’s home became a haven of reflection as he tirelessly transformed it into a creative songwriting space. “Every day, I’d go out there and dream a bit and ask, ‘God, what do you want to build here?’” Maher recalls.

MattMaher_AllThePeople_webThis record is a musical collage. I think most of our lives look like that, this jumble of a bunch of different stuff,” Maher offers. “Hopefully, when you take a step back, you realize something that might seem a little chaotic closeup, farther away, actually is a work of art that God’s slowly creating. These songs are created out of living as a community of faith firsthand, and it’s my desire to remind listeners that we are all His work of art.

All The People Said Amen showcases Maher’s storied career thus far. The songs read more like chapters in his auto-biography than a typical album track listing. Produced by Paul Moak (Third Day, Mat Kearney) and Maher, the album breaks the barriers a studio can provide and allows fans to see Maher as not only the gifted songwriter they have come to cherish but also a fervent worship leader and skilled teacher. Maher’s theology is as solid as his
songwriting, his heart as pure as his melodies.

The album introduces four new studio recordings, including the title track and the powerful closer “Mighty Fortress.” All of the songs carry messages Maher wants listeners to be able to champion. “I think it’s great for the life of a song if different movements or people can get behind the song and help push it along,” says Maher. For this project, in particular, he explains, “I tried to identify themes within the story of Christianity that are worth saying, ‘amen.’”

To read more about Matt Maher, and his latest release, All the People Say Amen, please visit his official website.

Sanctus Real

“We’ve been doing this for eighteen years now. We’re always revisiting the question ‘Is it worth it? Is it worth the sacrifice?’ If it’s just about getting to #1, then no, it’s not worth it. But if God has called us to do this—and we still believe we’re called—then this is what we should be doing regardless of commercial success or how we feel. At that point, it becomes a matter of faithfulness to what we’ve been called to do, and of trusting God for the outcome. We’ve found a lot of freedom in realizing” that.

— Chris Rohman, Sanctus Real

Sanctus Real is: Matt Hammitt, vocals; ChrisRohman, guitar; Mark Graalman, drums; and Pete Prevost, guitar.

Two-time GRAMMY® nominated,Dove Award-winning Sanctus Real creates compelling, authentic music, striving to live up to the meaning of their name: to be Holy (Latin meaning of “sanctus”) in all they do, but also “real” as they interact with fans and as they live out as Christians.

Visit the official website to read more about Sanctus Real or listen to their latest release, “Lay it Down.”

Ike Ndolo, Jon Guerra, and the Dominican Sisters of Mary

Ike Ndolo

Born in Missouri after his parents moved to the United States from Nigeria, Ike Ndolo developed a love of music at home, growing up to the ringing of hymns from his mother’s voice.

Ike continued his musical development at St. Timothy’s in Mesa, Arizona, where he was mentored by legends Tom Booth and Matt Maher. Currently Assistant Music Director at Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Tempe, Ike leads worship every Sunday and is constantly evolving as a musician and a man of God.

In addition to traveling the country to lead others to Christ, Ike has a great zeal for missionary work, stretching from Mexico to as far as China. As David says in Psalm 96: “Tell his glory among the nations, among all peoples, his wondrous deeds.” Ike has taken up the call, to be a servant to those around him—through his art, through his music, through his life.

Read more about Ike Ndolo and his new album, ‘Rivers’  on his official website.

Jon Guerra

Jon is a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter currently living with his wife in Chicago, IL, and is part of the Vertical Church Band. He was raised in Wheaton, IL, spending his developmental years learning to play guitar and obsessing over artists like Bob Dylan, Emily Dickinson, and Rich Mullins.

Jon has one of the most gripping voices you’ll ever hear, and he is one of the most intriguing artists you’ll ever meet. His debut EP on Provident Music Group titled, Glass, is now available on iTunes featuring 4 new songs and 1 acoustic version of “I Will Follow.”

Read more about Jon on his official website and listen to the acoustic version of “I Will Follow.”

Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist

The Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist chant the Divine Office throughout the day and their favorite hymns throughout the year, while also composing music of their own. They follow in the thirteenth-century footsteps of St. Dominic, while very much engaging the modern world.

The Sisters have recorded a beautiful new offering entitled: The Rosary: Mysteries, Meditations & Music. This album comes as a response to the outpouring of affection received from the beloved chart-topping Billboard 2013 recording “Mater Eucharistiae.”

Mater Eucharistiae was the first ever recording from The Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist.  The fifteen peaceful and serene songs of this release will included original compositions written by the Sisters that reflect their Dominican spirituality, along with a selection of modern and ancient hymns and chants in English and in Latin.

The Sisters may be recognized due to their multiple appearances on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” and the extensive publicity they have received in the US and Canada through outlets such as The New York Times, The Detroit Free Press, The Washington Post, CNN, Fox News and beyond. The Dominican Sisters of Mary placed in the finals of the recent season of The American Bible Challenge, hosted by Jeff Foxworthy on The Game Show Network.

To read more about the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, please visit their website.

Meet our Emcees

Chris Stefanick has devoted his life to inspiring people to live a bold, contagious faith. A tremendously successful evangelist, Chris engages the disengaged like few others have been able. His charism for reaching people most consider unreachable has been tried, tested and proven. There is something unique in Chris’ approach to say what is authentically true in a way that reaches people where they’re at, and that becomes the germ of curiosity – the seed of faith – for his listeners. He forms his listeners.
Chris is an internationally acclaimed speaker and author, whose seminars, videos, radio spots, syndicated columns, and books reach over a million people every year. He is also the founder of Real Life Catholic, a Denver-based non-profit whose mission is what you read above.

Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, OFM Cap calls Chris, “one of the most engaging young defenders of the Christian faith on the scene today.”

Above all, Chris is proud to be the husband to his wife Natalie and father to their six children.

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Chelsea Gheesling is a motivational speaker inspiring kindness, strength and inner beauty in young women. Born and raised in Michigan, Chelsea speaks to youth about her love for international volunteer work and her passion for developing virtue which heals hearts and strengthens souls.

Trained in youth development at Mater Ecclesiae College, Chelsea’s has been speaking for more than 11 years to thousands of girls across the country. Most recently, she founded the nonprofit organization, Good Girl Comeback, which inspires teens to see the GOODness in themselves and others through ongoing workshops, seminars, mentoring and volunteer work.

To learn more about Chelsea’s work, please visit:

Sr. Miriam enjoys science, but when she isn’t in the science laboratory guiding her chemistry students through experiments, you know she’s probably up to something in campus ministry.  For the past four years she has been in San Francisco, where she has had the pleasure of directing Marin Catholic High School’s liturgy choir, guiding retreats at all class levels, preparing students for sacraments, and facilitating controlled explosions in her sophomore chemistry class.  Before entering the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, Sr. Miriam spent several years traveling and leading youth retreats with Face to Face Ministries, acting as backup vocalist and instrumentalist for the ministry’s worship band.  While doing retreat work, she earned a bachelor of science in pharmacy, but soon after discerned a vocation to the religious life, and entered the Ann Arbor based community of Dominican Sisters in 2006.